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About Me

I have loved cats and have owned them all through my life, and Persians have always held a very special place in my heart. They are absolutely stunning cats, with sweet faces, their calm temperament is comforting & their loving nature truly melts your heart.

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See available Kitten updates below!

We have several Bluegolden & upcoming Silver kittens to reserve!

About Our Cattery

We are a small Cattery located in Northeastern Pa.

We breed Silver Chinchilla & Shaded Silver Persians some have Dearheart bloodlines. We also have some Solid White kittens, Golden and BlueGolden.

All of our cats have impressive pedigrees bred for first and foremost health, temperament is very important to us, and of course what would a Persian be without beauty! Coat and Eye Color are what we pay attention to! You will find many Champion & Grand Champion lines in our pedigrees. 

Our Pure Solid White Persians with green eyes, blue eyes, or odd eyed (one green one blue).

We have just imported our newest girl Brettachal’s Starry Night from Germany!! She will be bred with Jasper when she is of age and will have some Blue Golden (shaded or Silver) babes!  We are so very excited. Starry is an amazing cat she is an absolute sweetheart and we know her kittens will be of the same nature as Jasper is also a very sweet boy, oh! And did I mention they will be BEAUTIFUL!! We can’t wait!


Our kittens have moderate to traditional noses in line with the original Persian cats you’ve probably come to love and adore. 


Our kittens are completely socialized when they are ready to leave for their new homes. They are raised underfoot, around children and other cats as well as dogs. 


If you are interested in one of our babies, or to be put on our deposit list for upcoming litters please contact me! 



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Meet the Parents

Queens & the King

We currently have three males we breed, Cloud Atlas, Jasper Moon & Muffins. Cloud is a Shaded Silver persian with green eyes. Jasper is a Shaded Silver with green eyes. Muffins is BlueGolden Persian. We have three mothers we are breeding. Meadow's Ivy a Pure White Persian with green eyes. Her white babies have either blue, green, or are odd eyed. She  also has Silver Chinchilla or Shaded Silver babies with green eyes. Rainbow Skye is a Shaded Silver and she is Ivy's sister. Rainbow usually has larger size kittens with green or blue green eyes. They are usually Shaded Silver.
Meadow's Lark . Both of her parents are Dearheart. We have an upcoming female who will be bred in 2019 with Jasper- her father is Dearheart and her mother is one of our past kittens from Cloud and Ivy. Her name is Blossom and she is stunning! We have some beautiful BlueGolden & Golden babies!   We can truly say that all of our kittens and our cats are calm, friendly, playful and loving!

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Rainbow & Ivy babies fall Litter 2017

May 2024 Update!
We have one blue golden male kitten born 3/22, one female Bluegolden kitten, one male Bluegolden male born 4/9  & some silver kittens that will born shortly that are available for reservation. They can leave later this summer!

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Available Kittens!
Chinchilla & Shaded Silver, BlueGolden, Golden & White

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Please feel free to use this contact form to reach me. I am always more than happy and available to answer all the questions you may have.

Thanks for submitting!


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What They’re Saying

Home: Testimonials

“Wonderful experience!  Chrissy kept me well informed through email and pictures of my sweet baby until the day I got her!  I researched, as I wanted a Persian with an excellent temperament, being raised to adjust to all situations!  My sweet little Marie is more dog then cat I think;-) hahah she in unbelievably well adjusted.  Makes me want another already!  I highly recommend!” ~ Karen H.



We picked up our beautiful kitten, Kiwi, from Chrisy a few weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier.  Chrisy has been so helpful answering any questions we’ve had and little Kiwi has been the sweetest and easiest to care for animal we’ve ever had.  She’s so social and she even likes getting into the shower!  Ive never seen a cat that actually enjoys water. I couldn’t recommend IHeart Persians more. ~ Steven T.

Kiwi 🥝 


“After losing our beloved Silver Persian, Legend, my husband and I were determined to find another just like him; beautiful, gentle and loving.
After doing research on Silver Persian breeders, we were convinced to buy our new kitten from iheartPersians due to the number of positive reviews from her customers and the interaction I had with her through email! 
Unfortunately, by the time we discovered Chrisy’s cattery, it was too late to get on her waiting list for the spring litter. We then made an agonizing decision to wait for the Fall litter and not look for another breeder.
While we had to wait eight months for our kittens, we were greatly rewarded for our patience. Not only did we buy the original kitten that we wanted (Myth), but we also bought another one (Marley) that we fell in love with when another customer had to back out.
These kittens have been everything we have hoped for: gorgeous, affectionate, playful, patient with our children, and both are extremely gentle. Even when we bath them and they are scared, they never bite or use their claws on us.
Of course the most astonishing revelation was that our kittens are so well behaved, that they never wake us up or scratch on our door as we sleep!
Chrisy was a pleasure to deal with right from when I contacted her in April. She sent updated pictures and never got annoyed at all my questions. 
Needless to say, my husband and I could not be happier with Myth and Marley, and they have been everything we dreamed of and more! They are perfect ❤️“ ~ Jenn B. 

Marley & Myth 


“ When my husband and I found iHeart Persians cattery online one night, we were blown away by the sheer beauty of the breed and contacted Chrisy immediately. Our own Persian, Razzle and the rest of our family had been longing for another kitty for some time. Since iHeart customer reviews were so positive, we hung in there for nine months waiting our turn for a male kitten. IHeart Lionheart (now Panda 🐼💙) has been worth every minute of the wait! 
Panda fills our home with love and fun. He is intelligent, affectionate and playful with every member of our family. His fur is beyond soft, and his eyes are so expressive, they just melt your heart. He is a purring machine! Plus, Panda is so curious and smart, he constantly follows  us around the house to engage us in play or just to "ask" for a pet! 😸💟😻
A happy ending indeed...Razzle got the little brother he was looking for! "The boys"  groom, wrestle and sleep together like old pals. 💕 Any family or friends that come over are instantly won over by our sweet, beautuful kitten. Thank you, Chrisy for such a wonderful animal. The excellent care you give your cats shines through Pandabear, and the top-notch advice you return to any question we have asked is greatly appreciated. 👏
I have owned a variety of cats my whole life--from city rescues to pure breeds--and I can honestly say that Panda is the crowning jewel of temperment and beauty. Five stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟” ~ Elizabeth 

Panda 🐼 


“We picked up our precious Sawyer, (now Cashmere) a month ago. Cashmere has brought us  nothing but pure joy since that day.  She is the “purrfect” mix of sass and snuggle�.  You see why her kittens are so special when you meet Chrisy of iheartpersians. From the moment I showed interest in an iheart baby, Chrisy has been nothing less than wonderful. We communicated before the kittens were born and she is still a great resource today. We were able to watch Cashmere grow from just a few hours old until the day we picked her up. Chrisy was always updating us with pictures and filling us in on Cashmere’s growing personality�. There is a well kept secret in the Poconos ladies and Gentlemen and it’s iheartpersians. We can’t thank you enough Chrisy for our special baby girl! We love her to death!“ ~ Leigh P. 

Cashmere the Persian


“One week ago, we picked up our new kitten from Chrisy. Not only is he beautiful, but has been well cared for from the day he was born - that is obvious, from his demeanor and quick ability to adapt to his new home with us.  We have three other Persian cats (ages 5-15), and he has befriended all three of them and is the most playful affectionate kitten we've ever had.  Meanwhile, Chrisy has been the hands down best breeder we've ever worked with because she stays in touch and even now - we continue to exchange texts about his ongoing care - and pictures of the kitty.  Her services do not end with the day the kitten is taken home - and that is the difference.  Her dedication to these Persians is incomparable and we would highly recommend her cattery to anyone in search of a healthy new kitten to add to their family.    ☺️See attached picture of "Axl", taken the evening following his arrival home!” ~   Joe K.  (Phoenixville, PA.)


I thank each and every one of you for supporting responsible breeders and taking the time to review your experience with me! It means a lot to hear the perspective of the the new owner so I know what I am doing right and what I can improve on. If you’d like to read more reviews about my breeding practices please check out and “like” my Facebook page @ iHeart Persians 

This is what our kittens new pawrents have to say about us!
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